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Please be aware that we closed permanently on the 31st July 2023 as our property was sold and retired on the 31st October 2023 when the business was formally dissolved.


Thank you to everyone who supported us over the past 14½  years!

See you in retirement land...


Last Website News:

Thursday 24th August 2023. SDG No More.

Many of our customers were aware that we were thinking about diversifying into dog home boarding after we finished grooming last month and we stated if we were going to we'd make an announcement on the website and FaceBook one way or another.

This is that announcement, and we are sorry to those that were hoping we would, because we are not.

We've looked into the pro's and con's, costs and gains and decided it would not be worth it.  We knew as a gut feeling that it wouldn't contribute to our income sources anything like grooming did, but the requirements and what-if numbers bear that out.  Also, given our new spontaneity to retirement leisure, having to go back to planning this around bookings would seriously throw a spanner in the works.

So this really is it folks!  All this will start to disappear and cease to exist once the notices, accounting, legal's, winding up processes, etc., are completed over the coming weeks/months.

Hope everyone is getting on ok with their new grooming services and hope to see you on our walks and travels around the area.  Bye, and thanks for the memories!


Thursday 20th July 2023. Last dog done.

Well folks, that's us all done. Last dog finished (number 16,939).

Thank you all so much for the good wishes, cards and unexpected gifts - gratefully appreciated! We'll miss you all.

It's now time for the epic clear out and clean up, ready for the new owner to take over on the 31st.

All earlier posts still available on our FaceBook page for the foreseeable future.



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